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We're located off the beaten path but occasionally the media finds us and reports about our friendly beach community. We've assembled recent news stories below:

May 6, 2016

Sharing Sunsets in Mexico Beach for 70 Years!

There are a few more boats in the canal, and the pier has been rebuilt a time or two, but our little beach town remains largely unchanged over the last 70 years. White sand beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. Calm Gulf waters sparkle in the sun. The fishing and seafood are some of the best in the world. The Parker Realty family has been blessed to live and work here, and we are honored to share this paradise with you. We know that after one visit to Mexico Beach, you'll always want to return for more. That's why we strive to ensure that the memories you make here are the kind you'll treasure for a lifetime. Welcome (and welcome back) to the beach!

April 8, 2014

New Book Reveals Mexico Beach History

Local authors collect over 200 vintage images of Mexico Beach.

Cousins and co-authors Al Cathey and Cathey Parker Hobbs are proud descendents of some of Mexico Beach's founders. Both active members of the community, Al Cathey is the owner of Cathey's Ace Hardware and Cathey Parker Hobbs operates Parker Realty of Mexico Beach and is a board member of the Mexico Beach Conununity Development Council.

New from Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series is Mexico Beach  by local authors Al Cathey and Cathey Parker Hobbs. The book includes over 200 vintage images, many of which come from the private collections of Mexico Beach residents. 

"Accounts of Mexico Beach's past are vague before the early 1900s" write the authors. After the completion of Highway 98 in the 1930s the area experienced a surge in visitors, though the community remained small. By the 1950s Mexico Beach had several hundred residents, a new water plant, the completed Mexico Beach Canal, and the First United Methodist Church of Mexico Beach. 

Finally, in 1967, the City of Mexico Beach was formally incorporated and Charlie Parker was elected as the city's first mayor. Today, our authors write, "city officials have embraced Parker's vision, preserved Mexico Beach's reputation as a family-friendly vacation spot, and attracted quality mom-and-pop businesses to the Unforgettable Coast." 

Mexico Beach, beloved by residents and visitors alike, is on display in this exciting new pictorial history. The authors are proud to have been raised by pioneer families and cherish their "beach kid" memories. "Beach life was good, and that has not changed." 


Mexico Beach
by Al Cathey & Cathey Parker Hobbs
Images of America Series
Price: $21.99
128 pages/softcover
Available: April 7, 2014

Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 or online


March 1, 2013

New Mexico Beach Fishing Video

The Mexico Beach CDC (Community Development Council) has launched a new 4:37 video, “The Local Lifestyle: Discover an Unforgettable Fishing Vacation.” Click to view on our About Mexico Beach page.”

June 14, 2011

Mexico Beach selected by Yahoo Travel as a "GREAT AMERICAN BEACH TOWN"

Cathey Parker Hobbs, a Board Member for the Mexico Beach Community Development Council reported, “we learned about this article and the calls really started coming in from everywhere. Last week over half of our inquiries were from that story.” On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Yahoo Travel published a selection of 11 Great American Beach Towns in a story that read, “Enough with your fancy remote beaches. The Maldives? St. Tropez? With the economy what it is, we'll be lucky to get to the next state on a $73 tank of gas. We want close. We want old- fashioned. We want a town where we can park the car, drag a beach chair and a book to the sand, and then shuffle down the boardwalk in our flip-flops for fried clams and an icy-cold can of beer: a place with fireworks, friendly locals, and sticky scoop shops. So we dug up 11 great American seaside escapes, from classic fun-in-the-sun California to New England colonial charm. Because when it comes to precious summer weekends in the sun, there's no place like home. Read the full article here.

The article’s author, Sarah Tuff, said of Mexico Beach, “Never heard of Mexico Beach? Exactly. South of Destin, on the Florida Panhandle, the 1,200 residents have avoided high-rises, strip malls, and theme parks like the plague, keeping their low-slung town to themselves. The "government" is a five-person council that's put the kibosh on anything taller than 48 feet, and the focus is on small-town fun, with gumbo cook-offs, kingfish tournaments, and fireworks fundraisers.” Council Member Hobbs agreed adding, “This is a place where I was raised, my children were raised and now my grandchildren. It’s a wonderful place with beautiful beaches. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Mexico Beach was the only Florida beach selected among others including Santa Cruz, CA, Coral Bay, Virgin Islands, Newport, Rhode Island and Folly Beach, SC.

June 16, 2011

Mexico Beach ranked #7 by readers of Gulfscapes Magazine in 2011 Best Gulf Coast Towns Contest

On Thursday, June 16, Gulfscapes, the premier Gulf Coast lifestyle magazine, announced the winners in its 2011 Voters' Choice Best Gulf Coast Town Contest. Mexico Beach was ranked #7 by readers. Pensacola was ranked #1 in the list of ten where four Florida beaches made the ranking including Destin and Naples. Community Development Council Board Member, Sandie Yarbrough, said, “12 years ago, my husband and I first saw Mexico Beach and we knew this was a place that we wanted to call home.”